Homemade Cat Litter Tracking Mats

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The litter box is your cat's quiet spot to do his business while allowing easy cleanup. Litter tracking mats might help, and you might have some things around your home that could do the trick.

Yoga Mat

That old yoga mat taking up space in your closet might find a better home in front of your cat's litter box. The spongy material offers him a comfortable step as he enters and leaves the box, and its grippy nature helps any hitchhiking litter stay where it belongs. As a bonus, he might find the mat just perfect for sharpening his claws.

Shelf Liner

The roll of shelf liner you keep meaning to put up might be better suited to helping your cat instead of your cups. Designed to contain spills and crumbs, shelf liner helps catch any wayward drips or litter that your cat might carry out after he's done his business. Vinyl sheet varieties keep your floor clean and stain-free, while the rubbery, perforated styles work well to knock litter from your cat's paws as he leaves the box. Hardly a choose-one-only solution, you can place the vinyl liner underneath your litter boxes to protect the floor, and roll out the rubbery type in front to stop hitchhiking litter from making it to your living room.


Because he seems to track the litter throughout your living room carpeting anyway, give him a swatch of his own. Most flooring stores sell carpet remnants, or you could use an old hallway or bathroom rug instead. Just toss the rug in front of the litter box, and vacuum or give it a shake outside once a week. The thicker the pile, the more likely it will be to pull the litter off his paws as he walks over it.

Welcome Mats

Sturdy and durable, welcome mats by design keep unwanted substances from being tracked all over the home. Available in rough rubber, prickly porcupine and coarse fiber textures, you might need to offer your cat a few different kinds to see which mat he deems acceptable for his sensitive foot pads. Clean up varies depending on the texture of the mat, ranging from a quick scrub down with some soapy water to an intense power-wash to remove deep down odors and dirt. Keep clean up in mind when choosing a mat, as the harder it is to clean, the less convenient it will be for you in the long run.

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