The Best Clumping Litter for Multiple Cats

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Let’s put this as bluntly as possible -- when your have multiple kitties, they gotta go. Because of this, a clumping litter may have distinct advantages for you and your felines.

Pros of Clumping Litters

Clumping cat litters come with one huge advantage. Well, actually, two. The first is that the stuff clumps when wet. This makes it so much easier for you to find urine that your felines have left in the box so you can scoop it out. This leads to the second advantage -- the litter stays cleaner longer. Because you have several cats, you will need to completely change the litter more often than once a month.

Precautions for Kittens

Your kittens may decide that their waste is something to snack on. Yuck! If you have settled on a clumping litter, this makes it easier for them to do, leading to some potentially serious health issues. If your furry little ones manage to sneak a clump down into their bellies, these can lodge in their intestinal tracts.

Cat Attract

“It would be so nice,” you think, “if they made a cat litter that attracted my cats to the box.” Look no more. Cat Attract has such an additive -- making it an excellent choice for kitties who tend to go elsewhere.

Swheat Scoop Cat Litter

This litter is made using naturally processed wheat. It clumps quickly when it’s wet. If you prefer flushing the litter rather than tossing it into the dumpster, Swheat is flushable. Your kittens can use this litter with little risk to their health. If you have a declawed kitty in your family, he will accept this litter more easily. If you have been unable to change the litter for several hours, this litter is ammonia odor-free.

World’s Best Cat Litter

Because you are owned by several felines, a clumping litter with good odor control is a necessity. World’s Best Cat Litter has a soft texture and your furry friends will willingly scratch at the litter to cover their waste. Additionally, this litter produces little dust, which reduces the little cat litter tracks on your carpets. A clumping cat litter for multiple cats is also available. Because it’s made using an all-natural plant material, odor control won’t be an issue.

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra

While this litter is clay-based, it produces very little dust and it clumps when wet. The clumps harden, making removal a breeze. If you have a sifting cat box, this is your litter. If you or any of your cats have allergies, Dr. Elsey’s litter is hypo-allergenic and 99.9 percent dust-free.

Arm and Hammer

Yet another clumping litter comes from Arm and Hammer. As with other brands, the urine forms hard clumps with the litter and makes it easy for you to scoop them out. Arm and Hammer adds baking soda to combat those not-so-pleasant elimination odors.

Feline Pine

Feline Pine manufactures a clumping version which is scoopable, flushable and biodegradable. Because it’s made from 100 percent pure Southern Yellow Pine, it’s sterile and eliminates those stinky smells. Another plus -- this litter is dust-free, for all family members who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Ever Clean Multiple Cat

Ever Clean is made with premium clay granules that have been bonded to carbon, which eliminates those unpleasant odors. It also contains antimicrobial agents that help fight odors even more -- very important when you have several felines. Urine won’t puddle at the bottom of the box. Instead, it clumps for easier removal. Ever Clean is made with clays and natural minerals, and is 99.9 percent dust free.

Fresh Step

Fresh Step is made with carbon, which aids in odor control. It does not have a scent that might put your felines off. This litter is stocked in grocery stores and in large discount stores, making it easily accessible.

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