How to Care for the Ears of a Siberian Husky

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The Siberian husky is a clean dog by nature and can usually handle his grooming without human help. Your husky doesn't need his ears cleaned frequently; once a month is plenty unless you see a lot of dirt in his ear. You can clean your husky's ears easily at home.

Step 1

Use a cotton ball soaked in mineral oil or ear cleaning solution that is specially formulated for canine use.

Step 2

Clean the inside area of the outer ear. Your husky's outer ear is the part that is visible on top of his head.

Step 3

Dip the cotton ball inside your husky's inner ear and gently swab the interior to remove built-up dirt inside. Don't go too far into the ear, as you can damage your husky's tender skin or her hearing. Insert the cotton ball only as far as is comfortable -- if you have to force the cotton ball inside the ear canal, you are going too far. Then let your husky's ears air dry.


  • Use a collar and leash to hold your husky in place if necessary. Most huskies would prefer to chase toys instead of having their human mom or dad digging around in their ears.


  • Be gentle -- your husky's ears are sensitive and the skin is tender.

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