Do Pet Insurance Policies Cover Cancer?

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Does pet insurance cover cancer?

Cancer is a common disease in dogs and cats. It is responsible for about half the deaths of pets over the age of 10, and the risk of developing cancer increases as pets age. Before purchasing pet insurance many owners want to know whether the company's policies offer benefits if their cat or dog is diagnosed with this disease.
First, what is cancer? Scientifically speaking, cancer is an uncontrolled growth of cells on or within the body. It may be localized in just one organ or area, or it may invade adjacent tissues and spread throughout the body. Cancer can occur in almost any location or system such as the skin, gastrointestinal tract (stomach, bowels), urinary system (kidney or bladder), blood, nervous system (brain tumors) and bones.

Different types of tumors can grow in each location of the body. Each tumor type within a location has a different treatment and prognosis. The cause of most cancers is not known and therefore prevention is difficult.

Based on our research, many companies offer cancer coverage as part of their premium pet insurance policies. Cancer, just like diabetes and kidney failure, is a very common problem that is eligible for benefits coverage under the majority of plans. However, no pet insurance company covers pre-existing conditions. If your pet is already diagnosed with cancer, that cancer would not be covered.


One pet insurance company that does have a cancer-only plan is Pets Best insurance. The Cancer Only plan includes annual coverage of $8,000 and a $30,000 lifetime maximum. It covers the diagnosis and treatment of cancer including exams, blood work, surgeries, medications and chemotherapy. This policy does not cover other medical problems, illnesses and injuries.

Before signing up for a pet insurance plan, ask your insurance representative if their company covers cancer. As mentioned, most plans do - especially the premium options. Some of the lower cost plans do have exclusions so be sure to go through the documents very carefully before signing up.
I hope this gives you more information about whether cancer is covered by pet insurance policies.

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