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Bully dog error 0x00000400

I have a PC having windows 7 ultimate with Intel i5 processor and 8GB RAM. I have installed Microsoft Office 2013 which includes MS Visio.

After using Visio for a while , I got many annoying errors.

Some of the errors:

Cannot copy or paste on a selected object

When you select an object in the drawing, some cells in the formula bar will not select

Error messages like "The error in the following formula is ...

Unable to create objects in Visio.

I tried all of the following and the error still persists.

re-installing Microsoft Office

Deleting C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office

Deleting temporary files (as advised in some forums)

Installing MS Office agn

Deleting Microsoft Office and deleting registry entries from regedit

Re-registering windows (I did this only once)

Re-installing Microsoft Office

Adding / removing Microsoft Office in add/remove programs in Windows 7 (I also did this only once)

What else can I do to solve this?


I had a similar problem. I found that if I started Visio first, and then attempted to open any documents with Office, a number of the issues I had reported in previous messages persisted. Once I switched this order around, the issues disappeared.


If you are using Visio 2007 and you receive the dialog "The error in the following formula is...

" or "The error in the following formula is..." and the object you are working with is selected, then first start visio and then open any document with office.


This happened to me because I had to restart the machine and visio was started by windows.

Shut down the windows.

Reboot the machine.

After the reboot everything went back to normal, you can now use visio without any problems.

Note: If you have a "visual studio express" installed on your machine then you should probably take a look here: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en/Express/thread/1b8b0aa1-b7ae-43a4-bacf-1f3a0cbf4b0b?prof=required


This fixed the problem for me. (Win7)

Open Visio.

Click Options/Tools/Options.

Check the checkbox: Automatically refresh my drawing when I close the document.

Click OK.

Close the document that causes this issue.

This should make the issue reoccur on restart/reopen.

This happens if you open a new document while a document you're working on has unsaved changes. (i.e. before Step 5)


Close the document.

Save the drawing.

Open the document that caused the error.

Choose File/Save/Save As.

Choose the Save as type.


Name the document with a new name.

Click Save.


Don't open the unsaved file.

That would overwrite the file that caused the error.


I just had this error.

The solution that worked for me was:

Close the unsaved drawing

Open your file and save it.

Go to Visio >, Preferences >, Save.

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