American flag dog collar

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American flag dog collar

An American flag dog collar is a decorative decorative item made to resemble the stars and stripes of the United States flag.


The American flag dog collar was first offered in the United States in the 1950s by L. L. Bevans, president of Flag-of-the-World Distributing Company. A Bevans representative, Jack Anderson, went to his office and said, "I want to buy a stock of flag dog collars for my office," and Bevans replied, "That is the best way to start." The first Bevans representative received orders for 50,000 flag dog collars within three months of Bevans' first sale. Bevans' distribution of flag dog collars was based upon his sales of flags for the U.S. Army, to the U.S. Navy for the U.S. Air Force, to the U.S. Marine Corps, and to the U.S. Army and Marines.

A flag dog collar is a collar made from a red, white, and blue fabric. They were first made in 1952, as a salute to the 50th anniversary of the "Shot heard 'round the world" in the Battle of Fort Sumter. Flag dog collars can be made of any color or pattern of fabric, but red, white and blue are the only colors permitted for the U.S. flag. As a salute to the armed services, Bevans' flag dog collars come in the colors of the U.S. Armed Forces, with Navy and Marine Corps flags on the left side, Air Force flags on the right side, and Army flags above the Air Force and below the Marine Corps, respectively. The company was later acquired by L.L. Bean in 1972, and L.L. Bean discontinued the production of flag dog collars in 1982. Today, flag dog collars are sold by several companies, including PetSmart, with the L.L. Bean dog collars being one of the most well-known.

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